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SSIC CLUSTER is an association of active, independent companies, organizations and affiliated institutions that have come together for the purpose of finding synergies and developing innovations and innovative projects in the SportsTech segment.
The task of the cluster is to cooperate with a wide range of actors on the development of the Slovak sports innovation ecosystem based on common technologies, abilities, values, visions and direction.


The vision of the cluster is to develop and support joint research, development, innovation and educational projects focused on the SportTech segment.
The visions also include the establishment and institutionalization of international cooperation, networking and the creation of international networking programs and the development of the domestic SportTech business environment.
We cooperate with national agencies, bodies and organizations of state administration, territorial self-government (regional and local), non-governmental organizations, the business sphere, scientific and educational institutions.
There is a need to raise awareness in the field of SportTech for all sectors, levels, areas and diversity of environments and focus on ensuring appropriate applications of SportTech in practice.
Using the potential of mutual cooperation between subjects at the national and international level, the Association is looking for ways to effectively connect and communicate.
Thanks to membership in the European Platform for Sports Innovation, based in Brussels, and cooperation with the World Sports Innovation Center, based in Barcelona, the possibility of acquiring knowledge, solutions and international cooperation in the SportTech segment opens up.


 networking of subjects of the sports innovation ecosystem
 support for research and development of innovative solutions
 support for the exchange of know-how with domestic as well as foreign entities
 educational and informational activities
 support in the search for financing and investors
 digital transformation of Slovak sport
 market surveys and reports on the segment